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From a trade press advert in the Fish Friers Review to a multi-platform marketing strategy.  Our strengths have always been our ability to identify effective marketing opportunities.  Our in-house creative team provide the required experience and skills to ensure RTA offer an unrivalled service.  RTA market businesses to the widest audience, whilst respecting client confidentiality.

This short video looks at our various Marketing Channels. 
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A quick run through of our featured Marketing Channels.. 

 Video Marketing   Print Media
 Our Video Presentations are created by

professional videographers and offer a unique
 insight into a business which you just don’t
 get through conventional marketing.


RTA are the only UK business broker who 
are positioned to undertake full-page,
colour advertising in a national newspaper.
Trade publications also still play a big part
in reaching a target market and RTA invest
heavily in this media. 
 RTA Digital    RTA Website
 A unique, interactive experience & essential 

resource for all business buyers.  Sent 
monthly to over 250,000 potential buyers, the 
online magazine provides editorial features, 
industry news, video presentations and listings 
of the latest businesses for sale.


In today’s world having a website that meets 
the demands of customers is essential in 
delivering global reach for our clients.  The 
RTA website is consistently the highest Google-
ranked website of any business broker in the 
UK which means buyers come to us first when 
searching for acquisitions.

 Social Media    Targeted Direct Mail
If you look around today, everyone is staring
into their smartphones, refreshing feeds
updating their status.  Any serious Marketing
company identifies this and can utilise these new
trends to help achieve their goals. RTA embrace
new media and continue to provide
exposure for clients via these channels


RTA have access to major decision makers
and corporate buyers. Confidential, bespoke 
campaigns can be individually tailored for 
clients to provide a discreet approach and 
ensure the best results without compromise.

 Database Matching    Email Marketing

One of RTA’s major assets is our huge 
database of buyers. You don’t exist in business 
for 40 years without building a rapport with 
customers and delivering results on demand.  
Our extensive search facilities and email alerts 
allow RTA to match the ideal business to the
ideal buyer.


Email is everywhere today & still proves 
one of the most effective marketing tools.
We can tailor emails specific to a 
purchaser’s criteria or present a broad 
range of opportunities.  Our marketing 
team work hard to innovate through email 
and deliver the best results for you.


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